Our services

Management outsourcing

  • Outsourcing of key management positions or complete management outsourcing is crucial in businesses that rely on accurate, non-biased and prompt information and due to geographical positioning are dislocated from their main headquarters.

Internal audit

  • We provide world–class internal audit outsourcing services to foreign subsidiaries in Serbia. The trigger for establishing this service is our awareness of the increased number of fraudulent activities within management of foreign subsidiaries in Serbia on one side and our significant experience & sophisticated skills of how to prevent and eradicate the malpractices on the other side.
  • Outsourcing the internal audit function to C.A.M. Partners provides our clients the assurance they need within a fixed or limited budget.


  • Crucial in reporting, C.A.M. Partners in cooperation with reputable local accounting firme offers complete outsourcing of this valuable resource, supported by its own accounting software, which offers complete management reporting.
  • Reporting, analysis and forecasting can be used more effectively through services included in complete managerial accounting. This service goes hand in hand with our core values which are based upon Integrity and Objectivity.