About our company



Capital Asset Management Partners (C.A.M. Partners) is a corporate finance advisory boutique specialising in advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, business development, fund raising and valuations.

Our core competences are special understanding of all aspects of corporate finance, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and reorganization, raising equity and bank finance, management outsourcing and business development deals.

Our extensive network of relationships in the fields of finance and industry and our international presence enable us to identify suitable business partners and investors, provide specialist expertise and advice and complete deals between buyers, sellers and investors.

We understand that risk is an inherent part of business. Our goal is to minimize this risk for our clients. Therefore, we support them with qualitative advisory services, maximizing returns through professional reporting, unbiased internal and external audits, business development and consulting based on our extensive experience in all of these segments.


We are based in Belgrade, Serbia from where we provide support to our clients throughout Serbia and the CEFTA region. Our network of contacts is spanning across Europe and Asia, specifically Balkans, Russia and CIS.